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 I know guys..its been more than 2 months, i've not posted a single ijc..sorry for that..though my old computer is "still working", but m having problems with the newer one(i.e. my laptop)! Anyway, last time I said that m doing a comic research which includes all kinds of bengali comics like phantom, mandrake, archie, henry, tintin etc. Well, in last 4-5 months, i've been doing this research..& thanks to this research, i came to know so many types of comics & their history, that i cant even count them..sotty, ae kota maase ami ja info peyechi ta niye ekta choto khato "comic history" lekha jetei paare..But, if i try to write history in my blog, it would b really very ek-ekdin ek-ekta topic/sub niye discuss korbo..& let me tel u one more thing..i've started this research, kintu kobe sesh hobe jani na, as none of the comic researches are complete!!.. There are senior bloggers/collectors than me, just like our Mr. Hojo/mahasthobir etc, who can help in completing my research..


BAHADUR BERAL: (the "Brave cat" in bengali)..of course, all the bengali comic lovers know him..created by the creator of famous Handa-bhonda n Batul, Narayan Debnath.

This funny "beral" does not have any special power.. But it has a great presence of mind by which it truly amazes people of every age, from a kid to an old man.1st published in 1983(১৩৯০ শুকতারা, source

Recently, Lalmati prakashan published "BEST of Bahadur Beral" in 2 vols..But both parts are missing some stories of Bahadur Beral..before this, Dev sahitya kutir had published "Bahadur Beral Samagra"..i dont have this book..till now, here's the unpublished comics of bahadur beral that i found in shuktara..

M sure that this is not all, so if any of u guys have the samagra book, then pls check this pages if the book has them..& also let me know if i miss any story/issue(that's not present in any of the books)

I've heard of duplications of Narayan Debnath's arts..& its a fact that even bahadur beral has also some duplications, dont know the original one..but comic readers eta dekhlei easily dhorte parben..dialouges might not b the same, but the pics & the story is almost same!!


So, the following info are missing:
1. THE 1ST ISSUE OF BAHADUR BERAL- Published in which month(bengali) & what was the story
2. THE LAST ISSUE- Published in which month?..the story?
3. Among this two duplication, which one is the original? were any more issue/stories duplicated?

Asking all the visitors & senior bloggers to look for ans. of this question..THE ANSWERS, if find out..will be updated in here & also in the wikipedia.

To be very honest, all of the bengali comics are missing some, my research is yet to b completed.

Ebar aasi indrajal e

as we all know, in bengali ijc 1-22, 101 & 102 were never published..but #22 was translated..yes, m talking about Ranjanda..the guy who had scanned #1 BENGALI FOR FIRST TIME EVER..& had translated #22 as "KALO MUKTAR KANTOHAAR"..

Ranjanda, tomar mone ache kina jani na..kintu tomar ae post ta dekhar por ami tomake eng 1-21 er "bengali title" suggest korechilam..though all of them didn't sound good..e.g.

Hoping sobar #1(22) er kotha mone ache..thik sei hisebei eta korlam..#8(15)

Though said "translated", its actually a remix all old eng ijcs were used to be..this has the gold key version of the story & another b/w story that was published in ANANDAMELA, pujabarshiki ১৩৯৯।It also includes a special comic quiz published in আনন্দমেলা , 1988. This was separate from the original series ,that began in 03.03.1993(from the story THE FOURTH SON)-2003(story THE SHIPWRECKERS obdhi). THEN again, the series restarted from 2008 up to 2012.

Need to update: 1. In the page, it is written that the 1st series ran till 2004, but the list shows up to 2003! pls correct this info
2. Few stories are missing starting date, some are missing the end date.
3.What was the latest story?i mean after sepetember-october 2012, were any more stories published?

Asking again all the bloggers/visitors to the wikipedia pages can be updated..

Download remix version of eng 15 in bengali

Before discussing this topic, ae baarer topic er question er ans. gulo to pawa jaak!


anil kumar said...

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HojO said...

First thing first!The AM strips' dates are bit tough to locate because years ago I've cut those 2-page strips from each issue to build a strip-collection! :o))Anyway,I've sent whatever infos I could gathered from AM issues(regular/special) with some scans and sent to 'Delboj'(from Serbia) who made those nice pages!So a big thanks goes to him only! :)
And that 1399's Phantom art is from a Phantom ANNUAL! :)

Now coming to the topic : BAHADUR BERAL - a nice selection first of all.:)
Now don't expect 'Lalmati' has covered anything more than 20-25% of TOTAL pages of the adventures of that "naughty Cat" because just look at the stat!From 1983 to next 20 years BB appeared regularly in Suktara's each monthly issues(1-pager)+annuals(2-pager),a total of 20*12 + 20*2 = 280 pages.Now in 2003 to next 10 years,BB was not regular but appeared sometime. Even if a mere 40 from this period increase the tally to 320(min)!!And what LP has covered in their 2 high-priced-yet-low-quality editions of BB??only 80+ pages!So some 250+ pages are MINIMUM yet to be published! I hope someday some pub. will cover those as I simply loved this series - the only "colored" humor series by NB!:) [I used to subscribe Suktara from 1989 to mid '90s and in that period the Bahadur'ss tories were just fab!Later stories,however,lacked that funny punch!]

About duplication,I do believe all those are done by Narayan babu himself,as if you look at the art,the quality was top-notch in both versions so it's safer to assume that he himself sometime re-hashed his 'already' created stories just to shade his huge work-load - it's something that has been practiced by several writers throughout the world!It's quite understandable if you look at his activities(1 story/month of NF,HB,BTG,BB followed by some other lesser frequent series like Khadu/Koushik etc).

HojO said...

Just published a post on Ijc e-List and on Bahadur Beral! Hope our posts & comments will cover many unheard & unpublished infos/trivia on this Bengali cat!! :))

Mr. Walker said...

@Hojo: thanks for all the info! really needed that..tobe complete info ekhono pacchi na..bahadur beral is of 250+ pages sune ektu obaak hocchi..

about duplication,kono writer nijer creation je duplicate korte paaren, ta jaantam na..tobe tumi ja bolcho seta possible..

dekha jaak..BAHADUR BERAL "COMPLETE" pawa jai kina!!

Mahasthobir said...

আমিও কিন্তু হোজো-র সাথে একমত। ওগুলি duplicate নয়। নারায়নবাবুর নিজেরই আঁকা ।
তবে ওয়াকার, তুমি ঠিক বলেছ কোন শিল্পীই নিজের কাজের পুনরাবৃত্তি চান না। শিল্পী সময়ই নতুন ভাবনা নিয়ে কাজ করতে চান যা একেবারে মৌলিক।

প্রশ্ন হল নারায়ণ দেবনাথের জনপ্রিয় কমিকস চরিত্র গুলি সবই কি একেবারে মৌলিক?

তা হয়তো পুরোপুরি নয়, তাহলেও উনি যেভাবে কমিকস গুলিকে আমাদের সামনে হাজির করেছেন, দিনের পর দিন বহু বছর ধরে... তাতে ওনার প্রতি আমাদের শ্রদ্ধা কৃতজ্ঞতার শেষ নেই।

ওয়াকার, তোমার এই পোষ্টের জন্য অনেক ধন্যবাদ।

Sailorbits Administrator said...

Do you have the Iliad (Helen of Troy) by Boroline, which used to be printed on the back of old Shuktara?