Saturday, November 24, 2012


REALLY VERY SORRY guys!..u guys must b thinking i was busy, ..but i was not busy..not at all..
even i had scanned 2 bengali comics long time ago, 1 was partly cleaned & the other was left..the only reason y i couldn't post is my 16-17 YEARS OLD COMPUTER!

yes, that was the 1st computer that was brought in our home..i used it always until 5-6 months ago(now using  mainly a laptop)..but its main problem is..sometimes, it totally stops working..doesn't even start..i tried to work on that for many days, restarted several times but still it didn't work!..

Its a really old computer..of around 1996, hard disk was replaced 3 years ago or more..P4 processor..ram was very small(256 mb), now 512 mb..this problem had occured several times before but i didn't care much as sometimes it got started by itself!!

In this laptop, m using windows vista..but this doesn't support my scanner supports windows couldn't use my scanner in this one..

So, whenever my "old computer" worked, i did a bit scan, & a bit of soon as the cleaning part was almost ready, suddenly it restarted by itself..& stopped working!..for last 2 months its been like this..i was thinking of changing its parts(may b the processor)..last night only, suddenly it started by itself & started working..mone hoy amar purono comp. amar kache thakte chailo!!

Meanwhile, i would like to tell all the bloggers & the visitors, that m doing a research about old n lost bengali comic/strips('HARIYE JAWA BANGLA COMICS)..which includes all bengali comics that was ever published..starting from the 50's till 2day, like bengali ijc, ack, narayan debnath's works, & many other comic characters..henry, tarzan, flash-gordon, all of them!

going to make a post about this very soon & also a facebook page..but my research is yet not complete..not even one single character..besh kichu info peyechi, but ekhono onek baaki ache..& the more i search it, it becomes bigger & bigger!!I'll post about this atleast when one research is complete..

In the last post, i had mentioned about collectors & their collection..guys, pls check this page: i've invited all the bloggers there..& all of u can "show me ur collection"! anybody can post..its just a request(pls try to make a video & then post).. there will b more collection topics discussed later, but 1st..


Download :

Hoping my old computer works again!..till then..


sndg said...

Nice to c 2 Walker. I smell SMPS problem in ur comp. try checking it. congrats 4 being able to upload and thank you 4 the new IJC.Deleted my facebook a/c so willnot be able to comment or visit there, but I propose vedio uploading may be done in any file hosting site or youtube, and the links can be shared here iteself in your blog. shall try it in future.
remain happy .. love ....

ujjal Das said...

i love ijc.

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