Wednesday, August 22, 2012


People collect lot of things..e.g. novels, post-cards, magazines, posters, & many things like that..among those many things some people collect comics..thanks to those people who collect this type of rare books looking everywhere for them in the market & later putting it on the blog after scanning & cleaning the pages..

So, its quite a hard work..1st of all u need to search for them, then scan it, upload it & then put it in a blog so that all the viewers can see it..truly, without collectors..there wont be any such rare comic posted in a blog..

Now, some people used to collect, but they don't do that anymore..some r still collecting, like me..looking for the missing issues..& those who don't collect anymore, become very nostalgic seeing their old childhood companion..comics!!..some people collect all kinds of comics, some collect old ones only, & some collect just 1-2 type comics(like ijc & ack)..

m collecting comics for almost 8-9 years..i've a lot of collection..currently about 730+ ijcs & others..i started with ijc, later started collecting other comics also like gold key, richie rich, laurel-hardy, dc & marvel comics past few years i've met many collectors who have been collecting for 15-20 years, some are for 30 years or more..& still, somehow they couldn't complete their collection..something is still missing..& they would do almost anything to get that rare issue!

Today i give u one of the best shaped copies of ijc in my collection..

Indrajal comics Bengali no.130(15th February, 1972)


Here are some of the collectors..dont know the present status of their collection, but that's what they said to me..a few months ago..

1. Anurag Dixit, got 790+ ijcs in hindi..some really very old & rare ijc scans are provided by him..

2. Indranath Banerjee- met him recently..he is collecting since '83(almost 29 years!), got 760+ ijcs in bengali, also got bengali acks, & is yet to complete his collection.

3. Hojo(Sagnik Ghosh)- we all know him..few readers, who are following his blog, got to see his collection also(in a very old post)..currently 750+ ijcs(bengali only, got hindi/eng too!)..+ acks + archies +other comics also..

4. Samrat Sanyal- another big collector of ijcs..around 750+..most of his books are in full size, very good condition..

5. Hasan Zaheer(cw)- many old rare hindi/eng scans are provied by him..dont know the current status of his ijc collection, but he has got other hindi comics too, like mck, madhumuskan, lotpot, acks, etc..saw his collection long time ago, in a post..which he says has increased almost double..

8. jhargramdevil- got around 650 bengali ijcs..that was long time ago when i last talked with him..onekdin to holo, about 7 months, tumi blogging e byapar?..tumi er aageo kajer chaape sore gecho, kintu eto long gap er aage konodin dao anything wrong?..all the visitors, bloggers want to know ur present condition..aascho na keno?

9. Dr. Dilip Verma- another big collector of hindi comics like zaheer bhai..presently has got 750-760 ijcs..

10. Chandan Talwadker- many senior bloggers & old visitors know him..think he has got around 700 ijcs in eng, hindi(some in marathi) at the moment, got acks also..

&..there are many other collectors that i dont know..may b m yet to meet/know them..from India, from foreign..


Asking all the rest bloggers/collectors, on behalf of all the visitors, only if u like..PLS SHOW ME UR COLLECTION..

I've made a facebook page for the fans..just go to this page..

& if u get time, pls make a video of ur collection & post it there..all r invited, if i missed someone, just leave msg on facebook or mail me..

From today on, m going to discuss about people's do they keep it, from where do they get them etc. topics in this blog..



Sukanta Banerjee said...

Than you for your post.Pujar age beshkaekta besi kare chai.

Suman said...

দারুন ! দারুন !! কিনতু একটা নাম যে বাদ রয়ে গেল ... যার কাছে প্রতিটি বাংলা ইন্দ্রজাল আছে ... যার নাম রঞ্জন দত্ত |
আর একটা কথা, তুমি যে ইন্দ্রনাথ ব্যানার্জি -র নাম লিখেছ, উনি-ই কি বাংলা টরেন্টের বন্দ্যোদা ?

AJAY said...

Hello dear

Some nameS left :

Sudhanshu ( Mumbai ) : Got every single IJCs .

Vineeth ( Delhi ): Got almost all IJCs , may be exception to some only , in my knowledge missing only #2 . got lot of gold key , Dell, Charlatan & what not .Biggest collector as well lover of books , shares with everybody too . All early IJCs posted were due to his kind help only

Abishek ( Punjab ): Got every single IJCs except #1

Shekhar( Chicago ) : got almost all IJCs excepting #1, 2

Sumit ( Mumbai ): Got almost every thing in IJC.

Steve ( Goa): got all ijcs excepting #84, 82 , 14, 15

Sagar Rana ( Nepal ): has all Hindi IJCs , Manoj chitra katha , Nutan , Prabhat etc . He has the biggest collection of Hindi comics .

Vikram ( Korba) Has all English & Hindi IJCs.

Sameer : ( Pune ) : has lot of IJCs missing only few .

Sandeep ( Pune ) Has a good collection of comics missing only few IJCs .

Manjul : Has all Hindi & English IJCs + #1-200 Marathi IJCs too .

Ajay ( myself ) : has almost every thing after #300 in IJCs . All Frew Annuals since !991 -2012, All special having 100 pages or more , almost every Egmont story published in FREW , all Pioneer Phantom comics , Gold Key Phantom - all , King Phantom comics - All , Charlatan Phantom all, All Amar Chitra Katha starting from #1 missing only #1, 2 only . Some other comics too

There are many more which others can mention

AJAY said...

some names left :

Arun Prasad( Banglore ) almost all IJCs missing only few .

A. R. Dev ( Banglore ) almost every thing in IJCs , so many publications too .

Girish ( Banglore ) Almost all IJCs

missing only few .

HojO said...

Nice effort!Yes we are COMIC ADDICT & COLLECTORS aswell! :)
i don't think I will ever do without comics,and that not necessarily alltime Phantom/Mandrake/FG but several other series aswell!

Mr. Walker said...

@sukanta: thanks..asha korchi pujor aage ro kichu dite parbo..

Mr. Walker said...

@suman: thanks..speaking of ranjanda, hyan, byaparta sunechilam bote..kintu ota niye onar songe konodin kothabarta hoyni..emnitei communication kom..tai exact na janai onar naam ta likhi ni..

Mr. Walker said...

@suman: indranath banerjee k chinleo bangla torrents er bondyo da k chini na..jotodur jani indranath dar kono scanner/blog nei..r bangla torrents ami khub-ekta follow kori na

Mr. Walker said...

@ajay: really thanks for the ur in communication with those guys, u can tel obviously about some more collectors..ur also a collector from a long u know much more..m not in communication with all the i speak of only a few whom i met in last few years..

really thanks again for the info..

Mr. Walker said...

@hojo: thanks..atleast, tumi onototo acho..i dont know where's devil but thanks for all ur efforts too..

sndg said...

PBands is Prasenjit Banerjee. Recently quited sacanning, due to some prsonal reason I am yet to discuss. May be Devil could convince and bring him back.

Nice Effort Sugata. I have a small collection of ~400 in hard copy. I shall try to include Kalpan (Kalyan Pand)'s collection, after I ask him about this. His collection is documented and shared.

Could I request you guys to list your missing issues, So that It becomes easy to sort out? Devils list of Bengali IJC may be a starting point.

If someone takes the pain to list the Bengali ACK's it would be great help.

ACHIVER said...

Can anyone tell me Uronto Dossu of betal 1976 editioner serial no. koto?
Ar Mahaboli Betal-(mrityur poroyana,sajano faad,betaler attobiswas)=ei boitar number koto?

Mahasthobir said...

শুভ বিজয়ার শুভেচ্ছা! :)