Sunday, July 22, 2012


Feeling quite nostalgic today..this is the day when i started blogging 3 years ago, 21st july..dekhte dekhte 3te bochor kete gelo..never thought m going to continue blogging for 3 years, dont know how the time passed..

How many of u guys have heard of "time machine"?..m sure many of u have..where a man can go back to his past, or can see his future..i wish i had such a time machine..although we know that there's no such thing..tobuo, aaj phire jete icche korche sei 3 bochor aage..hai, jodi amar kache sei "time machine" thakto!

well, exact sei 3 bochor aage phirte na parleo kichu tukro ghotona(few small things) mone ache, & thakbe..

#1. internet e 1st time ever indrajal dekhlam..saw books n comics, tpc, icc..glad to saw few rare eng ijc covers & links in those blogs..also saw one bengali blogger before i had started, mr. hojo.(mandrakedude in earlier of his days!)..came 2 know about devil later..

#2. prabhat was the best help that i got..from day 1 till today, he is the one person who asked me to make a blog of my own, share my thoughts, comics, & always helped me whenever i had asked him..thanks a lot for ur support bro..

#3. my 1st ever scan..which was v22n46(the ghosts fury) posted by prabhat in countdown continues & my 1st ever bengali post(#43, sonabelar upotoka)..& i still read those two posts & comments even today when i've nothing to time pass..

here is tonight's special post..

Indrajal comics Bengali#67(1st july, 1969)


thanks to all the bloggers specially like prabhat, hojo, devil, tph & all the visitors..if they were not with me, then i wouldn't have passed this 3 years in blogging..thank u guys for ur support..


Suman said...

তৃতীয় বছরের জন্য অনেক শুভেচ্ছা রইল | ১ থেকে ১০০ তো পরে পূর্ণ হতে চলল , যদিও এখনো কিছু ফাঁক ফোকর আছে | আমার মনে হয়, এবার একেবারে নাম্বার অনুযায়ী যে যে গুলো বাকি আছে সেগুলো পরপর বেরুলে ভালো হয় |

PBC said...

Congratulations for 3rd Year anniversary!

3 years have been passed? The time is running with jet speed. :)

Wishing all the best for smooth and easier 4th year!

Keep it up, obviously taking care first your kith and kin. Nothing is important than them.

HojO said...

Congrats for the 3rd year!Yes,how time has passed!! :)

Mr. Walker said...

@sumanda: dekhte hobe..1-100 onekguno dewa hoyeche thik e, kintu sob kota noi..r amar nijer kacheo sob kota nei..

Mr. Walker said...

@prabhat: really..i dont know how 3 years passed..

Mr. Walker said...

@hojo: sotty, ki kore j 3te bochor kete gelo jani na..

Suman said...

Next kobe ? R kon galpo ? Ekti Bondhutter Janmo - eta pele bhalo hoy.

sndg said...

Have good times dear. nice having u back.

Gaurav Arya said...

Many many congratulations dear.