Thursday, March 15, 2012


Phew!..abar 1-1and1/2 months pore, khanik ta haate somoy pelam..just to let u guys know, that m going to continue..even if the frequency is slower..

well guys, this one was also scanned, but due to some problems with my computer(now 16 years old, brought in 1996) i couldn't post..the cleaning part was left..probably i'll buy a new a, here's tonight's gem..

Indrajal comics Bengali #99(1st November,1970)

Man!!..the cover looks scaaarry..isn't it? u think mandrake can defeat these witches??

To find it out, download

hoping u'll enjoy it..thanks


Suman said...

dhanyabaad . anek din pore purono ijc-r swad pelam. kintu ami je tomake ager post-tar missing 4te patar bangla version-ta pathiechilam, peyechile ki ?

HojO said...


Somak Ray said...

osadharon songroho. onugroho kore upload korte thakben

Devil said...

Welcome back Walker! Tumi post kore jao, ektu deri hole kshoti nei. Amra sobai tomar post kora purono indrajal gulor jonye ha kore bose thaki. Bhalo theko, ar somoy pele majhe modhye amader ektu mone rekho. Bye.

ARUP said...

hey darun post, tomar je kono post e darun ar 1st time hoi

Unknown said...

congrats,Mr Walker

keep it up

Subhasish Mitra said...

I will call you Mr. Walker since I do not know your name. Today is the first day I am accessing your blog and this Mandrake comics - I have not seen anywhere. Lovely work. Really commendable....Chaliye Jao....(And hopefully, your parents recover quickly.)