Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Hello guys..finally, it is the 50th post of this blog..cant believe myself!..aaj sotty kemon jeno lagche..how quickly the time passed, isn't it?

today i want to go back to my old childhood days..pls check the title of the post, "IJC#48..but 50th post..how is it possible?..i must b miscalculating..nope, guys..as two posts of this blog were not no.ed(27 preview & ijc posters )..also, if u start looking from the begining it is actually my 49th post(1 was posted by prabhat, v22n46)!..so, this is a very special post, i mean IJC#48= my 49th post=50th post of this blog!..next post will be my 50th, & after that it'll be IJC#50!..very interesting..isn't it?!

ok..but why "THE HUNTER"?..the word hunter means one who hunts..& m a hunter..hunting after this comics..

i started reading ijc after seeing few phantom issues from a school friend..think i was in 5th-6th standard..though my 1st ever ijc that i read was v21n11..joygorer guptodhon..given by my mom..u guys might not believe me, kintu amar maa aajo indrajal pode..!

later, somebody had told me that indrajal comics were not published anymore..when i was in class 7-8..& strangely, i didn't knew the fact..ki kore jaanbo, it was stopped at 1990 while i was born in 1989!

eta janar por theke kemon jeno ekta nesha lege gelo..khali bhabtam, ae boiguno r ki tahole podte parbo na?..so, whatever i got, kept that issue..& i had one advantage from the begining..i passed madhyamik from Hare school, situated at colegstreet, perhaps the biggest place of all books in the world!..chutir pore maar songe giye boi kintam..infact, my mom was the person to find such a shop at colegstreet..aaj amar kache pray 750+ ijcs ache,r eta amar maa ke diyei suru hoyechilo..

kintu hotah 1din..ami r ijc pachhilam na..i dont know what happend..for almost 7-8 months, i didn't get a single ijc..none of my required issues..khali ae dokane oi dokane khujtam..& 1 day, 1 shopkeeper helped me..he told me another place where i could find this old books..golpark!

but never went to that place before..so, i took a cab & asked the driver to go that place..he asked me"which one? there r 2 golparks!"..i didn't had much money, so said.."go to the one which is nearer"!&.. what a gem i got from there..about 30 bengali issues in bt.#200-250..@ very low price!

even these days, i still "hunt" sometimes..khujte khujte kothai j chole jai..may b i dont do it like i used to..but few times..might b its a tough work, but its a type of adventure searching..

well, guys..onekdin hoye gelo..7-8 years are passed..also in blog, more than 2 years..bhabtei parchi na..

i was searching on net for ijcs, found prabhat's blog..not too many blogs were there that time..many scans were required..mailed prabhat about v22n46..r aaj sekhane..amar nijer blog..koth theke kothai..even these days, when i dont have anything to do..just check prabhat's post on this blog, read comments..thanks a lot for ur support bro..

here's 2days 6 issues..1ta khub uncommon jayga theke, ae boi ta peyechilam..just look at its cover guys, dekhei chokh dhandhiye giyechilo..

Indrajal comics Bengali#95(1st September,1970)

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?tpwdikjd3k4xh5l

the following one, i got from a binded book..

Indrajal comics Bengali#97(1st october,1970)

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?a14xj94e7izzs7w

Here's one more gem..this story was reprinted in bengali anandamela magazine also..

Indrajal comics Bengali#94(15th August, 1970)

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?da472yl8sg32y1y

& guys, here's my prize..for all the hard work i've done..got this two vintage issues this year only

Indrajal comics Bengali#21(1st June, 1967)

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?2bhowahcb9i2gra

Indrajal comics Bengali#19(1st May,1967)

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?xdsh85g1r6gtmej

& here's the last one for 2night..a very special eng ijc..

Indrajal comics v22n28

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?u898ow7mfdya9xg


How much long the "six" went & kali pujor ae pataka kemon laglo?


Suman said...

Le Chhokka.......

Kintu bhai, English IJCr to haajar-ekta blog ache. Ekhane abar English dile keno ? Er mane to ekta Bangla IJC-r jaega kome jaoa... Bishesh kore ei English IJCta already blog-e published.

HojO said...

A HUGE SIXER,Man!!Nice story you have shared with us..infact,all of the Ijc addicts have such unique stories!!:)
Do share more such old experinces as u were one of the lucky ones who was introduced with magical 'College Street' @such early age!(specifically,when the CS market was decent,sellers were not greedy and overall,not ruined by some Black marketiers,as u know ;)))
Finally,Congrats for 50th post AND VERY HAPPY KALI PUJA!! :))

PS - I am lucky 'nuff to collect my allmost-all required issues before that period,probably started from the end of 2009!!

Devil said...

Superb! Mesmerizing brother! Each of these issues are gems. Thanks from deepest corner of heart.

Regarding introduction to comics, I was a bit luckier than you as I had the opportunity to read the last issues of IJC 'live', i.e. from book stall the day those were published. Yes, of course the initial hundreds of issues were out of question as those were published before my birth. I read first IJC when I was in 4th Std. 'Unmotto Guhadanab' of Phantom. Then it continued and i think it will continue for this lifetime.

Regarding bengali/english IJC comment of Suman, I will request Suman not to force anybody regarding his choice of posting. A lot of unnecessary and unpleasant situations have been encountered by us in this regard. Let's best leave the choice to blogger.

Thanks Walker once again. Happy Diwali.

Suman said...

Thank u , Devil.

Devil said...

Walker, sob kotai porlam. 94 ar 95 (Manush Hangor ar Louho Danob) duto ar ektu bhalo quality te paoa jabe?

Suman said...

Thik Devil, lekha gulo baddo jhapsa aschhe.

Mr. Walker said...

@suman: haa, eng er jonnyo 1ta alada jayga royeche thik e..kintu ami j bolechi amar blog e 3te bhasai ijc thakbe..tai majhe sajhe diy..tumi nischoy bujhte parcho,j ami banglar opor jor ta beshi dicchi..kintu tai bole onnyo kichu debo na..seta thik hoy na..

@devil:thanks for understanding..r haan, #94 r #95 er ro better quality?!jodi boddo jhapsa aase, tahole ro 1 bar try korbo..repost korar..tomader dujon kei bollam

Mr. Walker said...

@hojo..thanks..haa, nischoy..golpo to onek ache..abar kono 1 din r ekta golpo share korbo..haa, sotty..2009 er por theke kemon jeno ekta hoye gelo sob kichu..for those few black marketers only..

Comic World said...

Congrats Walker on your 50th post,indeed a long journey and much more to come from you i hope.

Mr. Walker said...

@comic world: thanks a lot..but its not "my 50th" post,..but my blog's 50th post..& my 49th..as 1 was posted by prabhat..

Serge Lavange said...

Great post! Keep up good work!

Devil said...

Walker, ami bujhte parchhi tumi bhabchho je #94 ar #95 er size toh thik i achhe. Indeed, size is not bad. But, somehow the quality is not that good. Are you using photoshop for quaity control of your original scanned images? If yes, then please check the setting. These photo editing softwares have peculiar ability to get an image pretty bad without changing the size.

Venkitachalam Subramanian said...

Happy Deepavali and thanks for the Phantom Comic.

Mr. Walker said...

@serge & venkit: ur welcome

PBC said...

Heartiest congratulations for this milestone post & belated Deepavali!

Suman said...

Subho Nabonarsho. Ki byapar ? Tumio je Ranjaner moto haoa hoye gele. Aar katodin ?