Monday, August 15, 2011


Happy Independence Day!..Here is the scan of Bengali ijc #27 that i promised..& a special modified poster..

download Indrajal comics Bengali #27(1st september, 1967) :

well guys, this issue is missing a page(no.27-28, both sides) i will b glad if anyone can help..pls mail me if someone has..even though all the storys are not good, i think the last(5th story) is better than the others..

Good news's a better link..with better resolution, & all the pages(missing pages provided by BIC)

download Better resolution:

hoping all of u will enjoy..thanks


Bengali Indrajal Comics said...

Those pages (27/28) are not related with story. It is entry form of Indrajal adventure contest.

Anyway, I’ll mail you.

Please check, few pages are in poor resolution.

And thanks for #27.

Suman said...

Thank u, thank u . Kintu tumi hatath cbr/cbz chere zip kore pathachcho keno ? Tachara boi-er naam-o dichchona...

Achcha, tomar kache je duto Mickey mouse-er IJC ache , seduto next post korbe ?

Suman said...

@BengaliIndrajalComics - Tumi lost page scan korcho, khub bhalo... kintu amra ki tomar kachh theke purnango upload r paboi na ? Plz come back...

Devil said...

@BIC, bhai Ranjan, phire eso.

@Suman, tumi .zip take just rename kore .cbr kore dao ta holei hobe toh!

@Walker, pagol pagol.

Mr. Walker said...

@BIC, man where were u all these days? onekdin hoye gelo, pls comeback..u see, we are 4-5 bloggers..& we need to post all 780 bengali ijcs published(i.e. if possible)!hoping u understand..& yes, ur right as few pages were scanned in pdf version, later converted to jpeg..i think nero might be useful in fixing those..sorry,this program is not working in my comp. for some reason

@sumanda: ki bolcho kichu bujhlam na..ami abar kobe cbr/cbz format e post korlam?? i've always posted in .zip format..r ebare front er cover ta diyni, as it was given in 27 preview..though the scan is included in the link..bhalo kore dekho, link er pashe boi er # & publishing time dewa..

@devil: thanks..darao, ae soptahe ro kichu scan asche..wil mail u

Suman said...

Ki khabor ? Aj kichu pabo naki ?