Saturday, August 13, 2011


To all the comic lovers..i've a good news for all..yes, guys..finally the "chain is broken"..&  m BACK in Action!

yes, even though i said that i'll be back on 3rd or 4th Aug, m posting bit late..bought a new scanner..took my time..but u must be wondering why m talking about the chain? well, do u remember this story...

when ever i loss my hopes, i become frustrated.. & read this story..i think its the best story ever of indrajal comics, a truly inspirational the phantom waits for the chain to be very hard day & night, could not sleep..& finally, one day the chain is broken.. if u read the eng version, i think it sounds much better than the bengali one..m also posting after a long long time, about 9-10, the chain is broken..

Indrajal comics vol25 no.20(may 15-21, 1988)

2 more vintage issues are coming up few minutes


Devil said...

Thanks a lot Walker for coming back. This is indeed one of the most inspiring stories of Phantom (though reprint).

I have got stuck into office for sometime. Trying to come back this weekend. Bye.

Mr. Walker said... hurries, ami to achi..hojo has also, dont worry..whenever u get time, try to post..