Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Giving a rare eng ijc after a long break..

indrajal comics no.293- 1st january, 1978(NEW SCANS)


m dedicating this comic to the man for whom m a blogger today, the person who made possible all the 803 eng issues(online) of indrajal by posting most of them, & the man who is behind our biggest indrajal blog, indrajal online..PBC!CONGRATS FOR YOUR 25 MONTHS & THANKS FOR GIVING US SUCH TREATS! were the only person who supported me when i started blogging, always helped me..i still remember the time when u posted my 1st eng scan in this very blog..& i still love to see it..really thanks brother..

hoping all will enjoy the comic..thanks


chaltaphirtapret said...

PBC really deserve it, Mr.Walker, you really did a remarkable job by dedicating "The Taste of Poison" to PBC. He is a kind of person who shares his skills with everyone and encourages & guides everyone especially a new comer to deliver his best. As when you started blogging he was there to help you, now I have just started and he is around me too ! All english IJC upto 803 are online mainly because of his valiant efforts !
Mr.Walker, you can post this post which you have dedicated to Mr. Prabhat, at indrajal online at any time, even today or tomorrow , no problem at all brother. Thanks for this rare IJC issue. (correct title of this post as you have mentioned #30 by mistake)
Now it is become your habit to post only and only rare IJC ! Splendid work Mr. Walker !

chaltaphirtapret said...

Sorry Mr. Walker, your title #30 is alright actually i thought that you have mentioned about issue no. of "Taste of Poison" . #30 is your post number. Right. Once again sorry !

Bengali Indrajal Comics said...

Thanks Walker for dedicating #293 for PBC.

Yes, Prabhat is very friendly and helpful to everybody, always ready to encourage every blogger and above all he is a very nice person.
Thanks Prabhat too.

Rafiq Raja said...

A nice gift indeed for Prabhat to mark his achievement in IJC blogging. Great work Walker.

PBC said...

Thanks Walker, although all IJC are online due to join efforts by several persons. Approx 50% English & 10% Hindi were first shared by me - not all.

Nothing we bring together, nothing we'll take. We are here for sharing, means sharing joy. So what I can, always try.

Just see it from another point of view. At present I'm busy, but show is going on. Am I not winning also - in comics & friends? :)

Jai said...

Thanks, for this complete version.
Just downloaded, and replaced my earlier incomplete digital copy.
Once again thanks, and keep on with the good work.

Mr. Walker said...

@PRET: yes, it is my 30th post(actually 31st as there's one more post "ijc posters" which i didn't no.) & now a days, its really geting a habit for me to scan rare ijcs 1st eng ijc posted by myself was #32..the only vol/no. i've scanned till now is 1st ever ijc scan..posted by prabhat!

Mr. Walker said...

@BIC: ur welcome..yes, prabhat is a really nice person..

Mr. Walker said...

@rafiq..thanks brother..

Mr. Walker said...

@prabhat: ur welcome brother..& i still remember the day, when all 803 were online..hoping everybody does remember it..& u said.."m a medium only"..:) & yes, we all r here to share; our goal is same..ur winning in friends & comics, i can see it brother..thanks once again..

Mr. Walker said...

@jai: welcome my 1st follower!..its nice to see u back!..keep watching my blog..

Devil said...

Ki guru aro kichhu bangla comics upload koro. Onekdin je kono Bangla comics pai ni.