Wednesday, April 21, 2010


"Betal bonam pret"!

indrajal comics no.82(bengali)- 15th february, 1970
download korun
High resolution:

kal ke ro duto boi post korbo..dhaynobaad..


Betal said...

Nice work walker, thank you very much.

Devil said...

You are really rocking man. It's now raining Indrajal. Carry on.

Mr. Walker said...

@ Betal: thanks..& m really previleged to see the 1st ever bengali indrajal blog,

Mr. Walker said...

@devil: thanks..& i really want to keep the rain going on.. pls visit: ..u'll be surprised as all of us..just check it..

Bengali Indrajal Comics said...

Hey Walker, I just post 003 on check it when you fill free.

Bengali Indrajal Comics said...

Thanks you walker for visiting my post. You told me you have 078 Betaler mrityu without cover.

I also have it but duto pager opoorer dikta ektu khani kata gechhe. two lines are unreadable. Bakita ok with cover.

So if you plan to post your 078 I can send my covers to you. Otherwise, I have to do some work to correct those pages.

Tell me what you want.
Thanks again.

Rafiq Raja said...

Thanks Walker for another IJC Bengali. My interest towards the language is growing with so many people over here being too friendly to share.

Thanks much.

Mr. Walker said...

@rafiq..ur welcome bro..