Friday, April 16, 2010


SUBHO NOBOBORSHO..sobai ke amar toroph theke noboborsher shubheccha..

notun bochor upolokhye ami aaj theke puro 1 saptaho dhore apnader jonnyo bangla indrajal upload korbo..protyek din 2to kore..

aaj ke ae duto boi dilam..asha kori sobar pochondo hobe..

indrajal comics no.73(bengali)- 1st october, 1969

download korun

indrajal comics no.74(bengali) - 15th october, 1969

download korun

podun r upobhog korun ebarer noboborsho..


PBC said...

Nice posts! Two under 100 issues at a once. Wow! Keep it up. The day is not far when all Bengali IJC will be online too.

Betal said...

Woo!!! What a pleasant surprise!!! 2 books every day. Thanks.. many many thanks. Ei duto boi amar bhisan pachhander.

Maybe your todays uploads are(if you plan to maintain serial from 073) 075 Baghini Meye and 076 Rater Atithi, and later Azurar Mayajal..Betaler Mrityu...Parajita senapati...and etc ..etc really wonderful job.

Any way do you have issue 029 in bengali? I mention it as 026 at devil, but I found it not 026 it is 029. Amar oi Issue ta harie gechhe.

Thnaks again. Good job for every bengali IJC reader.

Mr. Walker said...

@prabhat: thanks..i also hope that one day all 780 bengali ijc will b available online..

Mr. Walker said...

@vetal..u r right..tumi thick e dhorecho..m going to post serially..but i dont have #76 "rater othiti" with me..& #78 "betaler myrityu" i've coverless..tai oi duto boi ae muhurte dite parchi na..

& na, i dont have #29..i was quite suprised to know that u've only one issue missing under #100!..thanks

Devil said...

Darun kaj hochchhye bhai. Chaliye jao. Ami ei soptahe onibarjo karon bosoto amar release gulo korte parini. Karon ta pore bolbo. Tobe porer soptahe compensate kore debo.

Mr. Walker said...

@devil: thanks..ur welcome..tomar sonkha gunor jonnyo opekkhai roilam..