Tuesday, March 23, 2010


aaj k onek din baade bangla indrajal niye phire elam..bujhte parchi oneke hoyto amar opor hotash hoye podechilen..kintu kono karone ami somoye boiguno dite parini..

ami aagei bolechi, je ami 3te bangla issue debo..tader modhey, aaj ke aita dilam:

indrajal comics no.87(bengali)- 1st may, 1970

download korun

High resolution: http://www.mediafire.com/?ozjnznmzowz

sudhu HQ tei post korlam.. & ami ekhon theke sudhu HQ tei post korbo..

asha kori sobai khushi hoben..


CHANDAN said...

in eng...RIVER OF DEATH(NO 109)...
good post,boss....though can understand nothing.
But appreciate ur efforts all the same.
Continue the good work

Rafiq Raja said...

Another Bengali IJC/. Thks Walker.

Ranjan said...

Boi tar janya thanks. Amar kachhe Prai sob Indrajal comics banglai Achhe..I dont know how I share with other. Asale nijer jeta bhalo lage seta anya karor sathe bhag kore nebar mojai alada.
Anay boi gulor apekhai thaklam..

Betal said...

Hello Walkar, I just find a way to share my books with other indrajal comics lovers. I upload my 1st comics on http://bangalindrajalcomics.blogspot.com
Hope you enjoy it.

Mr. Walker said...

@ranjan: durdhorshyo..u've posted the 1st bengali indrajal comics that was missing from a long time..no body had this copy..specially in bengali..

u've done a thing that none will forget u..thanks..

Devil said...

Thanks Walker. A good post. Keep on posting bengali IJC. As I always tell you, there are so many people to upload English IJC. But, there are very few who can do it in Bengali. So, please concentrate on bengali IJC. I have seen the upload by Betal. It is unbelievable. See my post today. One V20 issue and Issue no 5 are there.

Mr. Walker said...

@ chandan: thanks.

Mr. Walker said...


Mr. Walker said...

@devil..thanks a lot brother..#06 er jonnyo opekhai roilam..

Betal said...

many many thnaks Mr. Walker. bangla indrajal comics niye tomader ei unmadana-i ami avibhuta. I am really suprised that so many people love this comics. tomar porer uploader opekhai thaklam. bhalo thako.

Betal said...

Thank you Mr. Walker, right now I have no Plan about uploading. Its depend on my emotion and memories. since 1968 I read indrajal comics(when I was not able to read properly so my elder brother read it for me.). Lots of memories. sometimes I felt nostalgic with them. it just not only uploading its playing with memories.
But you are right about making plan it is necessary. I must think about it. Thanks again and waiting for your next uploading.

PBC said...

Thanks Walker for another rare issue!

Agree with Devil, if you 3 will concentrate mainly at Bengali versions would be better.

But if you all 3 find an early issue of English & Hindi IJC in good condition, please check with me, may be your help will be required.

Abhishek has opened his IJC treasure, but mostly are bounded & in Hindi.

Venkit will start scanning English IJC for May also.

Mr. Walker said...

@prbhat: thanks..& be sure whenever i find some rare eng/hindi issue, will put them in blog for sure..or wil give it to u..