Sunday, December 13, 2009

IJC#12 THE Phantom & the SEA GOD

1st of all..m very very sorry for late posting..was very much busy..

all the visitors can see that i've just one post in november..

so..m going to post atleast 6 comics in december as a recovery..if possible, i'll b posting more comics..

m giving another eng ijc rescanned by me:

indrajal comics no.67- 1st june, 1968


High resolution:

posting only in high resolution..the comic has all the pages..

hope all the visitors will like it..


hasan said...

Thanks for this comics.I m downloading it,will read it then.It seems a great Phantom story.

Mr. Walker said...


Colonel Worobu said...

I have been visiting this blog for almost a month hoping for a new English scan in High Res from Mr. Walker and finally I have been rewarded.

Thank you!

Colonel Worobu said...

The scans are a bit whitish. Probably need some gamma correction? I like the black lines to be nice and crisp.

Rafiq Raja said...

Another HQ Phantom, thanks much Walker. Will read and come back to comment :)

Mr. Walker said...

@ colonel..sorry for making u to wait for the comics..but what is gamma correction?..i dont know..i'll try to give the next eng ijc in a better way..

u r welcome..the next eng ijc is going to be #84..the evil mad maniac.


Mr. Walker said...

@ rafiq..u r welcome friend.

Ajay Misra said...

Mr Walker : Thanks a lot for posting this comic in English .


Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

Glad to add a new HQ IJC version in my collection. Thanks!

Mr. Walker said...

@ ajay..thanks

Mr. Walker said...

@ prabhat..u r welcome..

CHANDAN said...

Good post,dear Mr.Walker.
i dont have this physical COPY but own the scans atleast.
Keep up the good work.


Alvin Menezes said...

Found your blog while looking for Indrajals. You are pretty lucky to have an amazing collection of especially old issues. Love the English scans. Good job. Can you kindly reupload this particular issue as the link is apparently broken.

Mr. Walker said...

@alvin: the link is not broken..i've checked it..think there was something wrong with ur browser..