Thursday, September 3, 2009


Apologizing to all the bloggers and visitors..m really very sorry..for posting late..

Actually I was having some problems with my computer and the net..

Since m back again..hope all the bloggers and visitors will be happy

So, in this post...there are two in Bengali and one in English..

Here's the Bengali comic..

indrajal comics no.85(Bengali)-1st april, 1970

download korun

High resolution:


Standard resolution:

deri kore post korar jonno otonto dukhito...ami chesta korechi joto taratari sombhov post korar..

now..the english one..

indrajal comics no.43-1st june, 1967


High resolution:

This is another comic rescanned by me..just posting in high resolution as the earlier one was in low resolution.

I tried to give the best from this comic..

only the visitors can say i was successful or not..thanks..

will be posting very soon again..


Anurag said...

Nice work......Mr. Walker

Vedha said...

Welcome back Mr Walker.

Thanks for the Hi-Res scans.

Rafiq Raja said...

thanks for a high quality version of Phantom IJC, Walker.

Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

Thanks Mr. Walker! Like you posts, because:
1. these have all pages & all pages are HR.
2. You are gifting us completely new scans.

Keep it up!

Devil said...

Thanks a lot walker.. Ro Ro Ro chai..

Mr. Walker said...

to all..thanks..

Colonel Worobu said...

Good work. Thank you for the hard work!

sam said...

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