Thursday, July 9, 2009


indrajal comics..the most rare comics today...returns after almost 2o years..

its been a long time..we..the bloggers have given the visitors our best get indrajal comics..

my blog is for all the visitors (english, hindi and bengali)...though some of the comics are not avialable in bengali since they were not published..i can make them in bengali..only if my bengali visitors want me to do it.

i will post only the comics that i scanned...and for the rest, visitors can checkout the "indrajal comics team" list in right side of my blog..i will not post a comic without cover.

m staring by scanning some old bengali indrajals..they are very rare..the 1st 22 comics were only published in hindi and english..So, the hindi and english comic issues are added with 22 of the bengali comic(e.g. ijc bengali 1 = ijc hindi/english 23, ijc bengali 2 = ijc hindi/english 24...
,ijc bengali 43 = ijc hindi/english 65, etc).

To,..amar bangali othira...apnader jonno roilo ae comics guno..asha kori sobai pochondo korben..

indrajal comics no.43(Bengali)-1st may, 1968

download korun

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chinta korben na..ami ektu basto achi..kodin baade abar post korbo..


Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

Welcome to world of Indrajal!

Jai said...

And whatever happens do not stop halfway.

Suman said...

Darun Darun Darun. Barnona korar bhasha nei. Engrijite prae amra mere enechi (Prabhat-ke dhanyabad). kintu bangali hisebe khub abhab fill korchilam bangla comicsgulor janye. asha kori bachor khaneker madhye setao complete hoye jabe.

MaNdrAke dudE said...

thanks dude!! ar darn choice for #1!!!
AMAR akhono mone ache,jokhon prothom ei #43 hate peyechilam,I was stunned wid the cover-art...a brilliant work by Promod Brahamania - aartist of Bahadur!!:-)

Thanks..keep it up!

PS - parle word-verification ta ke off kore dio!!

MaNdrAke dudE said...

sorry,I meant 'darun' choice and NOR 'darn' .. :)

Mr. Walker said... ready for the next post..another phantom comic is 28th..

& thanks a lot prabhat..i couldn't have done it without u..

chandrani said...
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chandrani said...

fatafatiiiiiiiiii katodin po abar indrojal com hate pelam,,,,,chhtobelatake jeno abar fire pelam,,,,,,,,age potrika kakur jony bose thaktam ar ekhon tomader jony................amar kintu betaler songe songe Lt.drake keo chaai plz