Tuesday, July 7, 2015


As the new research about indrajal is going on, I came to know a few things.. and some things(questions that occurred in my mind) yet to know..

Today's research topic: Phantom-adaptations i.e. an original phantom story written by falk & drawn by some artist(Moore/McCoy/Barry) is retold by another person, and drawn by another artist.

For example: phantom daily strip no. 52(falk, McCoy) RAGON'S GAME is retold by Bill Harris and drawn by Bill Lignate in Gold key phantom no.1 THE GAME.


speaking of indrajal, there were 8 phantom issues taken from gold key phantoms(under #01-100 Bengali), all were adaptations of original lee falk's story. wonder why they published the adaptations only(unable to find/gather the original strip)?
  1. IJC#9 জলার সাপ is taken from Gold key phantom #5(THE SWAMP RATS), retold by Bill Harris, Drawn by Bill Lignate, adapted from original daily strip no. 74(The Swamp Rats, falk & McCoy.)


  2. IJC#10(1ST STORY- ওগুরু ) is taken from Gk 04 OOGOORU, adapted from original daily strip #75(oogooru and the witchmen, falk & McCoy). 2nd story মুখোশধারী দস্যু is taken from The goggle-eye pirates,adapted from sunday strip #56(The Goggle-eye pirates, falk & McCoy.)

Though the original daily strip was published in IJC#234"সাগরতটের দস্যু"

the first panel is scaled or enlarged manually from the strip

3. IJC #12 বেতাল ও দানব বানর is taken from GK07(THE SUPER APES),adapted from daily strip #51 The Super Apes(falk & McCoy).

4. IJC#21 হীরক রাণী is taken from GK06(The Lady from Nowhere),adapted from daily strip #49 The Lady from Nowhere(falk, McCoy.)

5. IJC#31 বেতাল ও ছিচকাদুনে is taken from GK03(The crybaby),adapted from daily strip #71  The crybaby(falk & McCoy).


6. IJC#36 রাণীর খেয়াল (১ম গল্প- ছ নম্বর বন্দী) is taken from GK09 THE SIXTH MAN, adapted from daily story#59 Queen Sansamor and the Sixth Man(falk, McCoy.)


7. IJC#37 ঘুমন্ত দানব is taken from GK10 THE SLEEPING GIANT, adapted from daily story #62 The Grove of the Sleeping Giant(falk, McCoy.)


8. IJC#29 জলদস্যুর দল is taken from GK15(The River Pirates), adapted from sunday story#54 The River Gang(falk & McCoy.)

 the original daily strip was published in IJC#339 "গভীর বনের ভয়ঙ্কর "(The Phantom's wrath)

Have to stop today otherwise its going to be a real long post!

Image courtesy: Indrada(Indranath), ip comics, and other various websites. Special thanks to friend Thomas Askjellerud for original gold key page of "crybaby".

আজকের বাংলা কমিকস কোথায়? সত্যি তো.. আছে, তার জন্য আপনাকে এখানে আসতে হবে।

Next Research topic: More Phantom adaptations!


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