Saturday, June 30, 2012


After more than 3 months, m back in the fileld of blogging & scanning..

all the bloggers must b thinking that why m back & what took me so long??..nope, not was something else, much bigger than the exams..

i was going to prepare for exams, but just few weeks before my father was going to his office near saltlake, his bike..& was hit by a bus! some local traffic police saw him, took him into the nearest hospital & called us(me, my sister, other family members) from my father's cell phone..

the accident happend at 29th march..3 months ago..accidents like this happend before also, but they were minor..this was the major accident my father ever had..his right elbow is fractured..& right scapula is broken into 5-6 parts..

m in blogging for more than 2 years..but only few know that my mother is also ill, she had a cerebral attack about 4 years ago..she was paralyzed, hasn't recovered yet..& my father used to look after her..

so, i was very upset mentally..i couldn't prepare for my exams..i had to do all work that my father used to do..weeks passed, but i couldn't do anything..later when he got back home, i had to go out with him when he went for some official work..

its been a really tough time for me..& m back because i cant stay without blogging..specially when there's no bengali ijc posted for more than 3 months..really sorry for the visitors, but other bloggers might have some reason too..

well, guys m back here to say..its not over!

Indrajal comics Bengali#71(1st september,1969)


next issue will be Bengali #67..

ITS NOT OVER guys..or is it?


HojO said...
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HojO said...

very sad to hear!Comic posting is not important,but do blogging to keep the touch!

Suman said...

Anek din pore dekha. Satti-i kharap lagche tomar poristhiti jene. Kintu tomake to thanda mathay etar mokabila kortei hobe. Best of luck. Aar anek dhanyabaad notu ekta PURONO IJC-r janye. Next post-er apekkhae thaklam.

Debotosh's Comments said...

Many many thanx for new posting,it's very important to keep touch with us in blogging.

PBC said...

Agree, it was very tough time for you and your family.
Wishing full recovery for uncle and lot of energy for you!

AJAY said...

Dear take care of your loved ones

TPH said...

real bad times. face it bravely. wishing speedy recovery to your parents.

Mr. Walker said...

@pbc: thanks for ur support..uncle(my father) is better now..

Mr. Walker said...

@tph: father is better now

Unknown said...

Hi Dear,

Looking after your parents in such times of emergency is the highest priority..

Praying to God for the speedy recovery of your father....

God Bless You...

Devil said...

I don't know what to say. Only can pray to God that he brings back peace in your life and your parents recover soon. Let me know if I can ever be of any help.

sndg said...

Love you Walker. All the very best for your parents. They will recover soon. You r a brave boy. best wishes to you.

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