Saturday, September 17, 2011


Hello guys..u must b thinking what i was doing in all these days? why m posting after 2-3 weeks again?..yes, i was busy..& scanning ijcs as much as possible..

now, we all know that the phantom is unbeatable..or truly is he?.. let's find out if he can survive against.."LAGO"?(wonder what was eng name..same or different!?)

Indrajal comics Bengali #52(15th november, 1968)


since many are scanned, think i'll able to give 5-6 posts in next week!..

& for all eng & hindi fans, few hindi scans are ready..just waiting for uploading, so posting them next week..dont be disappointed..!



Suman said...

Bah bah !!! Eje megh na chaitei jal... Porer lot-e ki amar oti priyo Mickey mouse duto pabo ?

Devil said...

Thanks a lot Walker. Porer soptaher opekhkhai roilam.

Devil said...

Arek ta kotha Walker, please tomar issue 27 ar 55 tar byaparta ektu dekho. Bye.

Mahasthobir said...

Darun!! ei blogta abar jege uthechhe dekhe bhalo lagche. next weeker post gulor jonnyo apekhha korchhi. :)

Durta Babosayeer jonnyo anek thanks!

PBC said...

Old IJCs are are raining. Wow!

It's good news for me, some Hindi are coming which I can read. As well can take some days leave from posting IJCs.

Mr. Walker said...

@suman: r kota din darao..tarporei tomar request duto debo..

Mr. Walker said...

@devil: thanks..27 r 55 niye tumi ja bolecho ami dekhechi..#55 ta repost korbo, after few days..including #27..

Mr. Walker said...

@ms: thanks..tobe posting kintu alredy start kore diyechi!..tai dekhte bhulo na

Mr. Walker said...

@pbc: thanks..yes, u can take rest for a few days..


Gaurav Arya said...

Thanks, I don’t understand Bengali language but I always happy to see Old IJCs in any language.

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