Monday, April 19, 2010


Betal er onnyotomo durdhorshyo golpo gunor modhey theke ekta dilam..

indrajal comics #81(bengali)- February 1, 1970
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duto jinis ami holoph kore bolte pari je apnara jokhon ae boita porben tokhon 1 second er jonnyo chokher palak phelte parben na.. r cover page & title ta sohoje bhulte parben na..

erpor ro 3te betal er vintage issue niye aschi..


Devil said...

R parchhi na guru. Sei 73 thekei suru. Grand.

Betal said...

Hum! Dagi sahar!! story about Bullet.
Thank you. what coming next?

PBC said...

@ Devil: Heartiest Congratulation for new adding in your family. May God bless your son all happiness of the heaven.

Convey my congratulation to your wife and all family members, and LOVE to SMALL DEVIL. :)

He's very sweet.

PBC said...

Thanks Walker! You rock!

Mr. Walker said...

@ prabhat: thanks for the compliment..

Mr. Walker said...

@devil: bhalo chondo miliye bolle to.."suru r guru"..ha ha..thanks..

Mr. Walker said...

@devil: congrats..may god bless your son..

Mr. Walker said...

@ betal: ur welmcome..coming up next 3 issues are pret dasyu, timpenir dhaaki, & rohysobhora putul..

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