Sunday, April 18, 2010


Ebar dilam phantom er ekta darun golpo..

indrajal comics no.79(bengali)- 1st january, 1970

download korun

ro kichu sonkha niye hajir hobo..aaj raater dike..


PBC said...

A good comics. Glad to find out, I was able to almost recreate an English cover and was able to keep same colour also.

Betal said...

Thanks Walker, I'll wait..

Mr. Walker said...

@ prabhat..thanks..its a really good comic..but what do u mean by recreating a cover?

Mr. Walker said...

@ betal..u dont have to wait anymore because the next issue #80 is coming up just a few minutes!..thanks..

PBC said...

@Mr. Walker: Check at #101 English posted by me at Indrajal Online. There is original cover and new cover also.

Devil said...


Mr. Walker said...

@ prabhat: yes, the eng & hindi version of satchel that was posted together..i had guessed

@devil: ur welcome again..

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