Sunday, January 10, 2010

IJC #13 English Indrajal #84

Happy new year to all..

I wish that all the indrajal collectors..get there complete collection in this year..& specially best of luck to people who r very close to complete there collection, e.g. vineeth, shekhar,anurag, chandoba, zaheer, sagnik et al.

For the bengali ijc collectors & bloggers.. I wish that people get more books..& the person who had made a bengali ijc list, devil..hope he gets more he can complete the list..

I had promised of giving 6 posts in the last month..but I was busy.

Right now..m giving this one:

indrajal comics no.84 - 15th april, 1969


High resoultion:

posting only in high resolution..with all the 32 pages..rescanned by me..
page no. 17 & page no.18 were bit cut in the end..but thanks to prabhat..its ok right now..its cleaned using photoshop..
hope everybody will like this comic.


Colonel Worobu said...

Just finished reading. Very nice scans. Thank you!

Colonel Worobu said...

Wish you a happy new year as well!

Rafiq Raja said...

Thanks for Walker, for a HQ from your side too.. Ajay, Prabhat, Anurag, Walker, Astana... you guys are making us jump up with joy :)

Continue the party :)

Rafiq Raja said...

By the way can you reduce the height of the banner image... it is too big for a blogspace.... 1/10th of the curent size should work out fine.

Quizzerix said...

Good show. Thanks.

Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

Thanks! Nice scans. I like new page effect, but these scans are gaving me idea to keep a balance- just comfortable for eyes.

And pls don't give credit me for such minor acts.

Comic World said...

Nice scans,buddy,just keep it up.

Mr. Walker said...

@colonel..thanks..same to u..

Mr. Walker said...

@ rafiq..i'll try to make it shorter..thanks

Mr. Walker said...

@ prabhat..u cal that minor??..i think it may b small..but it was major..if u wouldn't have fixed it..then i couldn't have posted this comic..

Mr. Walker said...

@ cw..thanks

AJAY said...

Mr Walker, Thanks a lot for scanning & uploading this nice story in HQ . Pl scan & post only in HQ .Kepp it up .

Suman said...

byapar ki ? bolle anekgulo post korbe, kintu maas ghurte chollo je. ebar kintu eksathe antoto charte chai.

CHANDAN said...

Mr.Walker.....good effort.continue the good job.


niketan said...

Above Link is not working

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